CNN: Endometriosis and Women’s Health

The Impactful Reality of Endometriosis: A Conversation with Dr. Mauricio Simões Abrão

Endometriosis, a condition affecting millions of women across Brazil, is at the forefront of discussions on women’s health. Recently, CNN Nosso Mundo welcomed Dr. Mauricio Simões Abrão, Associate Professor of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at USP Medical School, to delve into the details of this disease and highlight the importance of care throughout a woman’s life.


The Impact of Endometriosis in Brazil:

According to the IBGE National Health Survey, 70% of all people using the Unified Health System (SUS) are women. Among them, approximately eight million face the challenging reality of endometriosis. To address this issue, Dr. Mauricio Simões Abrão, also head of the endometriosis sector at the Hospital das Clínicas at USP in São Paulo, shared valuable insights during the interview.

Advances in Research and Surgical Techniques:

Dr. Abrão emphasized the importance of continuous advancement in endometriosis research. He highlighted that, to improve women’s health, it is crucial to understand the disease’s details and explore minimally invasive surgical techniques. This approach, he noted, can offer more effective options for treating and managing endometriosis.

Perspectives for the Future:

In the context of the eight million women facing endometriosis in Brazil, the interview with Dr. Mauricio Simões Abrão underscores not only the challenges but also the opportunities to improve these women’s quality of life. Continuous engagement in medical research and the application of innovative techniques are essential to tackling this condition more effectively.

Endometriosis is a challenging reality affecting millions of women, but through commitment to research and medical innovation, we can create a more promising future for those facing this condition. The interview with Dr. Mauricio Simões Abrão serves as a reminder of the need to join efforts in the search for effective solutions and improved healthcare for all women.

This article highlights the key points discussed during Dr. Mauricio Simões Abrão’s interview on CNN Nosso Mundo about endometriosis and the importance of continuous advances in medical research.

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