Jornal Nacional: Brazilians Create New Technique for Endometriosis Diagnosis

Medical Revolution: Brazilians Develop Innovative Technique for Detecting Endometriosis

A Brazilian Innovation That Can Save Motherhood Dreams

A Sentence of Pain and Infertility That Affects Women’s Quality of Life

In the global medical scenario, Brazil emerges as a pioneer in diagnosing endometriosis, one of the leading causes of infertility. Physicians in the country have developed a technique that uses an ultrasound device and specialized expertise to quickly and straightforwardly reveal the signs of this disease that afflicts millions of women.


Dr. Mauricio Abrão, one of the pioneers of the project and current head of the endometriosis department at Hospital Beneficência Portuguesa, states that continuous efforts are being made to encourage the Brazilian government to train a greater number of professionals in this innovative technique.



Swift Implementation of the Technique is Expected, as the expectations are high, and the medical community is eager for the rapid adoption of this technique.

Anticipating a Significant Change: The Medical Community Awaits the Rapid Adoption of the Technique. With great expectation and enthusiasm, the medical community eagerly anticipates the rapid implementation of this innovative technique.


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