Assistance for People from Other States and Countries

Appointments with Dr. Mauricio Abrão and other doctors at Clínica Medicina da Mulher occur in two ways:


Through scheduling, the doctor conducts video consultations with patients, provides guidance, and suggests tests, scheduling in-person appointments when possible.

In-person appointment

Conducted in-office, with clinical examination and therapeutic guidance.

Dr. Mauricio Abrão

Dr. Mauricio Abrão and his team manage the health of women from various states in Brazil and other countries, whether for routine check-ups, disease prevention, imaging tests, procedures, or surgeries.

In-person appointments take place at Clínica Medicina da Mulher, located in the Jardins neighborhood, in the city of São Paulo. The facility is prepared to provide comprehensive care for those coming from outside the city, with a multidisciplinary and specialized team, a welcoming environment, and modern equipment. Everything is designed to streamline and optimize the care for those who are not in São Paulo. We offer concierge service to arrange all the details for patients’ visits, including scheduling and conducting exams and clinical, surgical, or reproductive treatment.