Gynecology and Obstetrics

The team of gynecologists at Medicina da Mulher Clinic has a solid professional background, structured and grounded to provide full support to women, guiding them through all stages of life: from the first menstruation, through the reproductive period, first sexual intercourse, contraceptive methods, family planning, menopause, and senility.

Thus, we offer a complete structure for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of various gynecological conditions, from the most common to the most complex, accompanying women at every moment. Our goal is to provide all the conditions for them to live to their fullest and make the most of the different phases of their lives.

In obstetrics, where pregnancy is a special period in a couple’s life, and to ensure it proceeds in the best possible way, it is necessary to conduct prenatal care focused on the health and well-being of everyone involved: the pregnant woman, her partner, and the baby to come.

Through proper monitoring, it is possible to offer maximum safety during pregnancy and in the postpartum period. Ideally, a multidisciplinary team should be by the family’s side during this special moment, with gynecology and obstetrics professionals receiving support from specialists in other areas such as physiotherapy, nursing, nutrition, psychology, and fetal medicine.