Human Reproduction and Infertility

Many factors influence the natural fertility of a couple: the age of the man and woman, sexual frequency, duration of infertility, as well as factors like obesity and smoking. Specific disorders or diseases can also cause this condition.

Around 40% of infertility cases in couples are related to female factors, 40% to male factors, and in 20% of cases, both are present.

The chance of a normal couple conceiving naturally, having sexual intercourse on the woman’s fertile day, is around 20% per month. With assisted reproduction, the birth rate can reach 55% per attempt in women up to 35 years old.

Statistics show that 12-20% of couples of reproductive age experience difficulty conceiving. Some causes of infertility can be successfully treated with simple procedures and techniques, such as artificial insemination, hormonal therapy, and minor surgeries. However, in more complex cases, or when simple treatments are unsuccessful, more advanced assisted reproductive techniques are the most suitable alternative, such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

Factors such as the couple’s desire, the woman’s age, and the causes of infertility should be taken into account when determining which treatment to adopt.